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1. 生效时间:2018年1月

2. 类别:被放在海外技术工人的类别下(Skilled Workers Overseas)

3. 目标人群:拥有高级人力资本,(a)与曼省紧缺职业相关的技术、培训及工作经验【注意:不要求曼省省内的】;(b)在曼省有较强的家庭关联【亲友担保;或者在某个省提名项目上收到邀请申请LAA】

4. 2018年1月面向具有2个条件的人开放,(a)符合曼省技术移民任意其他一个渠道的条件【见后文分析】;(b)符合联邦EE的条件且已经在联邦EE的池子里供挑选。

5. 最低要求:

1)    联邦EE:已经在联邦EE的池子里;能提供有效的EE身份编号;有求职人确认代码(Jobseeker validation code)

2)    工作经验:至少6个月的工作经验,该工作能在曼省紧缺职业列表里找到

3)    语言:NOC 0或A的要求,CLB7;NOC B的要求:CLB6

4)    教育背景:大专以上学历

5)    年龄:满18周岁

6)    适应性:有能力并有明确意愿定居曼省;且具备下面两个条件之一:(a)亲戚或朋友在曼省居住1年以上,且提供担保;(b)在任意另外一个曼省技术移民通道下获得了曼省的邀请申请(LAA)

6. 有一定的前期安家资金(6个月) 。



1. International Education Stream(IES)下面的Career Employment Pathway

2. Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream (SWM)下面有两个通道:Manitoba WorkExperience Pathway;Employment Direct Recruitment Pathway

3. Skilled Worker Overseas Stream(SWO)下面的Human Capital Pathway


1. IES:

(a) STEM: 过去3年从曼省的STEM【科技、工程与数学】专业硕士或博士毕业;语言CLB7;在曼省工业或研究企业完成实习,则申请IES渠道时不需要有雇佣信。申请时需人在曼省。

(b) 过去3年从指定学习机构(大专以上)毕业;或从指定学习机构完成了某桥接培训课程,并完成了行业监管机构的初步认证;语言CLB7;需要雇佣信,合同期至少1年;工作为紧缺职业;且培训和工作要相关联。

2. SWM

(a) Manitoba Work Experience Pathway: (a1)曼省毕业国际学生且工作为紧缺职业,已在曼省工作6个月(学习的专业和工作不要求关联);(a2) 曼省毕业的国际学生,工作为非紧缺职业,已在曼省工作12个月;(a3) 外省毕业的国际学术且工作为紧缺职业,已在曼省工作12个月(专业和工作不要求关联);(a4)持工签,工作为紧缺职业,已在曼省工作12个月;语言要求为CLB4(NOC C/D)或5(NOC 0/A/B);

(b) Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway: 曼省政府及符合条件的雇主在加拿大以外直接面试且收到申请邀请LAA的申请人。

3. SWO下面的Human Capital Pathway:

申请这个通道的时候会要求申报相关的工作经验,该工作为曼省紧缺职业,工作为全职且经验至少为6个月;语言:CLB5 (NOC0/A/B);如果为强制性专业,要求CLB6;如果为受监管行业,要去CLB7。教育:1年以上大专;另外:(a)已在曼省居住1年以上的近亲属担保;(b)过去5年在曼省大专以上毕业;(c)过去5年曾在曼省工作过;(d)曼省某省提名项目申请邀请LAA。


Another reason for immigration to Canada?

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Recently a piece of news regarding the admission of international students by Tsinghua University in China is being rapidly spread in WeChat Moments among Chinese people. The news claimed that a student holding Canadian PR status can be admitted to Tsinghua University without admission test. The news teased that in addition to pursuing fresh air and clean water, now the Chinese people has another reason to immigrate to Canada, attending the top University with a much lower threshold.


A major news website in China, Sohu reported that a student holding Canadian PR card can be admitted by Tsinghua at a score lower than regular by 137 points.


MCVisa did a research and found out that the discrepancy is being enlarged during the spreading of the news. Tsinghua University published the news in October 2016, and there is nothing mentioned about 137 points lower than regularly required. It was mentioned only that even if there is no admission test is required for international students, the selection criteria can be more strict.


Canada is a great country for immigration

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There are many great countries for immigration. For the last 2 centuries, the United States has been the best choice for nearly all the immigrants. However, things change rapidly. Today, Canada becomes even more attractive than the US.

It is not because of Donald Trump, who just made the situation worse. For Asian (including mid-East) people, the discrimination is much conspicuous than in Canada. A high school student originated from Asia can easily find himself/herself isolated. This situation is not getting better when they finished schools or colleges and go to work. This situation is best reflected in the novel by Celeste Ng, Everything I Never Told You. For Asia people to get involved or “mixed” in the society, it takes fortune. In contrast, Canada is a much more friendly country.

The economy of Canada has always been very stable, not strong, but not weak at any time, because of the abundance of natural resources.

When is the best time to come to study in Canada

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Some parents choose to send children to study in Canada as international students because the hardship is much less than in some Asian countries such as China and Korea.

Suggestion is to plan early. Do not wait until the child is in Grade 12. This is especially true for kids in China and Korea, where the mother tongue is not English. If kids are here in Canada in Grade 8 or 9, usually it takes about 6 months for them to be adapt to the class. However, if they come at grade 10 or even 11, it is usually better that they take some English preparation in their mother country. For example, to get 6.5 in each subjects of IELTS.