Canada is a great country for immigration

There are many great countries for immigration. For the last 2 centuries, the United States has been the best choice for nearly all the immigrants. However, things change rapidly. Today, Canada becomes even more attractive than the US.

It is not because of Donald Trump, who just made the situation worse. For Asian (including mid-East) people, the discrimination is much conspicuous than in Canada. A high school student originated from Asia can easily find himself/herself isolated. This situation is not getting better when they finished schools or colleges and go to work. This situation is best reflected in the novel by Celeste Ng, Everything I Never Told You. For Asia people to get involved or “mixed” in the society, it takes fortune. In contrast, Canada is a much more friendly country.

The economy of Canada has always been very stable, not strong, but not weak at any time, because of the abundance of natural resources.

When is the best time to come to study in Canada

Some parents choose to send children to study in Canada as international students because the hardship is much less than in some Asian countries such as China and Korea.

Suggestion is to plan early. Do not wait until the child is in Grade 12. This is especially true for kids in China and Korea, where the mother tongue is not English. If kids are here in Canada in Grade 8 or 9, usually it takes about 6 months for them to be adapt to the class. However, if they come at grade 10 or even 11, it is usually better that they take some English preparation in their mother country. For example, to get 6.5 in each subjects of IELTS.